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Project Description

While working with the UIMap we spend quite a lot of time on changing the Control hierarchy, Search Property and Search Configuration for controls.

VSTS 2010 with FP2 has feature to update the Search Property and Search Configuration by using the Coded UI Test Editor but there is no feature available to change the control hierarchy. We need to manually move the xml note for a control into proper hierarchy. While doing this if we make any mistake, it becomes very difficult to rectify the UIMap (.uitest) file.


This utility helps in copying/moving the controls to different hierarchies easily.


Steps are very simple:

1-      Browse the uitest file or paste the path and Load the file

2-      Select UITestControl from Left side and Right side tree and Click on respective button to Move/Copy the control to change the hierarchy. It will reload the updated uitest file.

You can also see option to change the search property and search configuration of the control in this utility (similar to the Coded UI Test Editor).


NOTE: This utility will just modify .uitest file, it will NOT generate the code and update the .Designer.cs file so please make sure you generate the code to update .Designer.cs file by opening .uitest file in Coded UI Test Builder.

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